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Devv.Core.Crypto is an encryption library written in VB.NET. It supports all the major Cipher and Hash algorithms: RC2, DES, TripleDES, AES (Rijndael), SHA and MD5. The configuration can be done using the application settings file, and it's quite easy to integrate. Compatible with .NET 2/3/3.5/4.

Default configuration
Use the Config class to set the default configuration for the library. The default initial values are:
  • Encoding: UTF8
  • Hexa: False (if true will return results as hexadecimal values with no special characters)
  • Key: Crypto00
  • IV: {1, 3, 10, 55, 70, 90, 240, 2}
  • AutoAdjustKeyLength: True (will add/remove extra characters to the key and IV if its length is not correct)

This library should work with any version of .NET from 2.0 onward, including Mono.

Translations needed
If you speak Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish... whatever, you can help us translating the resource files. Right now there are just 2 messages to be translated, both available in Messages.resx.

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